Azriel, 20, he/him


digital artist | certified in Interactive Media Design

ID: carabao drawn cart escorted by two men down a path surrounded by rice fields, a town in the background. End ID

about me

I'm Azriel, a bilingual (english/french) South-East Asian artist based in Switzerland. I studied Interactive Media Design at CFPArts, where I received a CFC with Maturité Professionnelle at the end of a 4 year course. I have an interest in storytelling and illustration, I intend on developing my skills in that domain through further study.I use Procreate and an iPad Pro (2017) for my illustrations.

ID: Stylized semi-realistic self portrait. End ID


I primarily share personal work on my social media.

ID: simplified drawing of myself with cat ears, wearing a black shirt and glasses. I am doing a thumbs up with both hands. end ID


Commission status: OPENI offer custom digital illustrations and character reference sheets. I work on an hourly rate, meaning that the price of each commissions depends on how much time I take; I charge 25 CHF/hour (price is negotiable). Please read the ToS through the link below for more information.If you are interested in commissioning me, please email me at [email protected]

I'm also offering simpler options at a fixed price on my Ko-Fi!
Order emotes or a character doodle page here

List of commissions (ones I'm actively working on will be bolded):